Sellyana Yovita

Sellyana was born into a humble family. When she was young, she had to save first to buy anything she wanted which instilled and adversity quotient within her. Being surrounded by rich teenagers while in high school helped her build her dream. One day, She wanted to be prosperous too! Thanks to God’s amazing grace, She was blessed with a wonderful job and she is finally able to achieve her dream!

She is grateful to have met her mentor and also brother, and a community which has helped her dare to dream even bigger.

Ino Mulyadi

I am Ino Mulyadi, I am a director in MIC Transformer and a speaker in many large companies in Indonesia. When we believe that we can, also we want to try, God won’t close His eyes. God’s miracle has been in my life. He give me a team for fight together. I believe that good team can makes the dream works. And I prove it by my self. God gives me a team for complete my weaks.

Nugroho Tantrawirawan

Sebuah training motivasi yang pernah saya ikuti mengubahkan kehidupan saya untuk selamanya. Pasalnya, sang trainer memanggil saya kedepan dan memanggil saya dengan sebutan rocker tidak laku, sebabnya rambut saya yang panjang dan memakai beberapa anting. Sambil berbicara kepada para peserta, sang trainer menjelaskan bahwa kalau ingin menjadi pengusaha yang sukses, penampilan harus diperbaiki, sementara bagi saya saat itu, itu adalah gaya hidup dan sulit untuk dirubah.

Agus Setiadi

I was born on 6 July 1983 in Surabaya, and came from inadequate family. With my father’s background every day working as driver from grade 2 makes me a very shy person. Despite the lack of life but eventually this is what makes my motivation to get out junior high school i live independently by financing education to completion. Thanks God because during college i got to know a remarkable mentor that build spirit and guide me until finally i decided to transform