Valuable Leader Program Announcement

What makes a Great Leader ?
How to truly find people’s capabilities, inspire and empower them to do their very best ?

Transformer Center presents

Date : 9-13 May 2018

3-7 October 2018

Venue : TransformerCenter
Jl. Pandanrejo 2 Batu, East Java

keseruan saat kegiatan Valuable Leader yang berlangsung bulan lalu

When you lead a team or run a business of your own, and need to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life, join this program that will help you to be A Leader with Integrity, who can create a culture of optimism, good at decision making and problem solving using creative thinking.

Supported by BINAR Group of Companies, Transformer Center as a Laboratory of Entrepreneurship and Life Skills, have several years experience as Training Provider for Human Capital Improvement in Life Skill for many Companies.

For more information, please contact
Yenny 085334180000
Agus 081330318000

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